Terms & Conditions.

Style Syndicate Members agree to comply with the following terms and conditions when participating in listings, creating a listing and submitting a bid. Failure to adhere to the terms will render you subject to the below conditions.


1. The Cost per bid is 15% of the item's RRP (excluding initial shipping cost if applicable). We charge each member a flat of $25 for shipping which covers the shipping labels through the garments wear cycle. We will send you your shipping label to return the garment. Members are required to package the garment, print the label, and post - or alternatively scan the QR code to print the label at the post office and post the garment.

2. Style Syndicate charge an administrative fee to each individual to cover services provided by the Style Syndicate. These are calculated on a percentage and are communicated during the bidding process and at the time of checkout. We charge 1.5% of the bid amount to each bidder. We charge 1% for each bid,  multiplied by the final listing cost to the lister, for example: 3 bids received, 3% multiplied by the final listing price (RRP less any bids). Each final individual balance incurs a 2% fee to cover the costs incurred by our third-party, secure payment processor Stripe.

3. Dry-cleaning costs during the garments wear cycle are not included in the purchase price. All dry-cleaning costs are covered by the individual during their respective wear period.

4. Once the lister has received enough bids to satisfy their price point, the lister marks the listing as closed and must tag @stylesyndicate. Style Syndicate will then close the listing and follow up with the next steps in the comments section of the listing.

5. There is a 24 hour cooling-off period applicable between the bid close time and the due date of payment. We highly recommend trying on the garment in-store prior to or during this period if you are unsure. 

     IMPORTANT: After the expiry of the cooling off period, no returns can be made and no refunds will be given to members, unless the item is received faulty.

6.  Style Syndicate uses the third-party payment provider Stripe to capture your credit card information in the event that: wear report is not completed by the due date (1 day before the end of the wear period and the day you need to send it), or if damage is incurred, you will be charged 15% of the RRP to cover the inconvenience for the next recipient. The next recipient will receive this fee incurred as compensation. Your credit card information is not visible to Style Syndicate and is protected by Stripe. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are accepting that these charges can be made at our discretion based on our analysis of the garment.

7.  Each wear period is between 7 - 14 days depending on the nature of the wear schedule. This can be longer if applicable and pre-arranged within the Syndicate for practicality reasons. Style Syndicate manage the schedule accordingly, sharing the commencement and end date with each of the syndicate members to accommodate each members event date.

8.  Style Syndicate will send you a reminder text on the due date of your wear report, which is 1 day before you need to send it. Failure to do so in time will incur a 15% fee as listed above in item 6. Once the wear report is completed, we will send you your shipping label, and you will be required to package, print the label, and post the garment – or, alternatively scan the QR code to print the label at the post office and post the garment.

9.   In the event the garment is rendered unwearable, the wearer is liable to cover the costs of any outstanding bidders and the full purchase price paid by the lister. This cover will be returned as compensation to the relevant individual and is non-negotiable.

10.   Style Syndicate will endeavor to settle any disputes, monitor dry-cleaning receipts, tracking and adjudicate damage reports in line with these terms and conditions.

11. In the event that wear date changes, the wearer is able to submit a request to change their wear period which will be approved by Style Syndicate subject to availability according to the Syndicate wear schedule. All requests must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the commencement of their wear period.  

As a third-party service, Style Syndicate takes no responsibility nor accepts any liability for any damaged or missing items, including any lost or damaged items or delayed delivery times, at the hands of Australia Post or dry-cleaning companies. We will endeavor to do our best to rectify and adjudicate any issues in line with the above terms and conditions. We do not accept any liability therein.